Why work with us

DAGLASS’s HR policy involves commitment to an employee who can develop his abilities and professional career. Therefore, the aim of DAGLASS is to create the best working environment in which employees feel valued. We are the company, which often employs young, open-minded as well as creative people.

Thanks to our professional job attitude as well as commitment and highly qualified workers, our aim is to increase our customer based on an ongoing-basis to become a world known leader in the glass industry.

As it was mentioned before, the potential and competence of each employee is our best value. We do our best to offer the best opportunities and conditions in which each employee can develop his own abilities and potential. 

Who can apply for a job?

Everyone who is interested in working in the world-known glass manufacturing company and environment. The recruitment process aims at getting to know better the prospective future employees, and verifying common expectations and needs. We pay special attention to individual attitude as well as skills, including interpersonal ones. Such criteria of selection the potential employees concern all the company’s departments, regardless of a job position.

DAGLASS would like to give a warm welcome to…

  • Employees for production works

  • Candidates who possess professional experience and would like to work in the Sales Department

  • Students who would like apply for qualified practices

How to apply?

If you are interested in joining our team, we kindly encourage you to send us your CV and a letter of motivation to the following address