Discover the future of energy with DAGLASS BIPV! 

Did you know that you can turn your building into a source of green and free energy?
Nothing easier! Just use BIPV modules on the building’s facade, and produce your own solar energy. This is not only a step towards a sustainable future, but also a way to reduce operating costs. The latest photovoltaic facade project by DAGLASS is an excellent example of innovative use of solar energy based on BIPV modules. This time, we delivered PV modules that were used as a photovoltaic ventilated façade, made of frameless glass-glass “full black” photovoltaic panels.

The completed façade consists of glass-glass panels in 22 different sizes and 24 photovoltaic louvers reducing the amount of light entering the rooms and thus reducing air conditioning costs. According to the architectural plan, each element of the façade determines how modern and innovative the building is.

Moreover, the tempered laminated glass used in the project guarantees durability and safety of use for years. Interestingly, the appropriate angle of inclination of the photovoltaic facade increases energy yields, especially in winter, when energy demand is the highest.

BIPV creates harmony between architectural style and efficiency. It increases the energy parameters of the building, turning it into a symbol of clean and sustainable energy.

DAGLASS – modern solutions for a better future.