DAGLASS antiseptic technology – terribly effective in killing bacteria!

We help medical staff and hospitals in the fight against COVID 19!

In DAGLASS laboratory with the use of the state-of-the-art- technology the antiseptic coating is successfully deposited onto the glass. Anti-fungal, self-cleaning and biostatic properties result from a special high „very high density” coating plasma deposited in high vacuum. This anti-bacterial coating protects the medical face shields.


Within 1 day only, we are able to deposit the antiseptic coating using the magnetron technology on the PET foil that is necessary to produce around 4000 medical face shields – said Piotr Selwa, the Vice-President of DAGLASS. Due to our manufacturing capabilities and antiseptic technology, we can offer antiseptic glass of any shape that can be used where protection against bacteria is necessary. Our capacity to deposit the antiseptic coating is estimated to be around 20 000 m2 glass/month and we are definitely not limited by the lack of raw materials – added Piotr Selwa, the Vice-President of Daglass.


Therefore, the antiseptic technology can have a far wider area of applications, for example, in the touch screens of phones, ATMs, safety glazing, in hospitals, in shopping centres or other public buildings, etc.
The key features of DAGLASS antiseptic glass:

  • Antiseptic glass of self-cleaning properties, does not require for its activity Uvirradiation,
  • Light enhances catalytic activity of the coating, but even when dark, pathogens are effectively killed,
  • Photocatalytic properties –strong biocidal properties (especially against bacteria and fungi) + self-cleaning properties due to organic molecules decomposition,
  • High resistance properties of the coating that is deposited in high vacuum using plasma technology.

We are very proud that our antibacterial technology can help in the fight against the COVID 19 virus!