Tempered&laminated glass



DAGLASS (ESG) thermally tempered glass is produced with a special thermal treatment. This process is based on heating the glass to a high temperature, holding it until the internal structure of the glass changes, and then cooling it quickly. As a result, the glass resistance to bending and mechanical damage increases significantly. As thermally tempered glass is safe, it generates minimal risk to humans. In case of damage, glass breaks into a lot of small, blurred pieces. DAGLASS has its own hardening furnace.

DAGLASS (VSG) laminated glass is another type of safety glass, that is layered with the foil between the panes of glass. The foil absorbs the impact energy, ensures stability in case of breaks and prevents the glass from falling out of the structure. Laminated glass is durable, retains its color and resistance. DAGLASS offers laminates of float and low-iron glass. We recommend the use of thermally tempered (ESG) or thermally strengthened (TVG) glass.


  • As a result of hardening process, glass obtains 5-7 times higher mechanical strength than the standard one.

  • A range of glass resistance to temperature shocks increases and amounts to 200-300 °C.

  • The bending strength reaches 120 N (Newtons) / mm² and compressive strength 700-900 N / mm².

  • In case of damage, it breaks into small pieces without sharp edges, reducing the risk of injury.

  • Increased mechanical strength while maintaining transparency and shape after breaking.

  • Meets European safety glass standards and is recognized all over the world as the safest type of glass.

  • All glass processing, e.g. making holes, cutting shapes are possible only before hardening.

  • A foil ensures stability – no falling off glass fragments in case of breakage.

  • Glass panes can be connected with “frozen” foil, as a result you cannot see what is on the other side (translucency at the level of nearly 60%).


    DAGLASS safety glass ESG, VSG provides protection and safety for its users. It can be used wherever higher resistance to damage is required. 

    Therefore, DAGLASS thermally tempered, laminated glass can be arranged for many sectors of the economy, including in housing, industrial and public utility construction.

    Furthermore, more popular use of different types of displays requires using ESG or VSG ESG glass as a transparent and durable protective material.  

  • Building facades

  • Glass canopies

  • Winter gardens, glass terraces

  • Glass benches

  • Bus shelters

  • Glass partitions

  • Glass interior design

  • Glass doors

  • Sliding wardrobes

  • Shower cabins

  • Shelves, countertops, showcases

  • Glass stairs & floors

  • Household appliances

  • Advertising totems

  • Multimedia self-service kiosks

  • Information boards and LCD screens in public transport