We diffuse the light, we focus your attention


Highly-advanced technological capabilities enable us to change glass properties, including making the matt surface in the etching process. Such structure scatters the light in a controlled manner, proportionally to the percent of the glass haze, without losing light transmittance.

The manufacturers appreciate diffused glass as it reduces the light point effect emitted by LEDs. In addition, diffused glass has self-cleaning properties and higher mechanical and load resistance compared to prismatic glass commonly used.


  • Scatters light proportionally to the percent of the glass haze, without losing light transmission

  • Reduces the light point effect emitted by LEDs

  • Has higher translucency in contact with water

  • Limits the dirt due to appropriate structure on the glass pane

  • Has better cleaning properties

  • Has higher mechanical strength, thanks to the applied morphology

  • Can be thermally tempered and combined with other DAGLASS products


    Diffused glass has a wide range of applications. When applied as the greenhouse glass it enhances plant growth and yield per m2. As the light is scattered evenly and in a controlled way this glass guarantees zero-loss in light transmission, which is meaningful in the lighting industry. Additionally, its self-cleaning properties make it easy to keep the glass clean, especially in places exposed to increased dirt.


  • Glass roofs

  • Skylights

  • Glass panels in public transport

  • Glass doors

  • Separating partitions

  • Glass panels in medical rooms, conference rooms and offices

  • Greenhouse industry

  • Lighting industry

  • Solar panels

  • Photovoltaics