Technologically advanced glass for everyday use


Diamond Glass – anti-scratch glass is made using a high vacuum magnetron sputtering technique. In this process a high vacuum is created, then as a result of effective bombardment of the target with ions of working gas, atoms are released from target surface and are deposited on the substrate (here: glass) in the form of a nanolayer / coating.

The resulting coating, made of an amorphous carbon phase, has diamond-like properties, and when applied to a glass substrate, it exhibits the following characteristics: reduced friction coefficient, increased resistance to mechanical loads (e.g. scratches), increased hardness, chemical inercy, tightness and anti-static properties – the ability to neutralize the electric charge accumulated on the surface of the glass.


  • High resistance to scratches

  • Easy and effective cleaning with available detergents

  • Increased resistance to scale and dirt deposit

  • Increased resistance to corrosion

  • Increased durability during processing

  • High light transmittance


  • Glass roofs

  • Railings

  • Skylights

  • Wall panels / fittings

  • Glass floors

  • Sales stands in shopping centers

  • Display window

  • Bus shelters

  • Glass panels in public transport

  • Glass doors, non-transparent glass doors, revolving doors

  • Jewellery and museum display cases, exhibition cabinets, glass furniture

  • Payment terminals, EAN readers in cash desks, electronic scales with scanners

  • Screen protectors, smartphone displays

  • Shower cabins

  • Bathtub glass panels

  • Separating partitions

  • Glass bathroom countertops