BIPV modules


BIPV modules

Frameless solarmodules with unique properties.

Glass-glass photovoltaic modules are free from a bottom layer made of plastic that is the weakest feature of traditional panels.

2-pane photovoltaic modules absorbs much more heat. This solution clearly improves the energy production capacity of the entire installation. Modules strengthed by glass panes ensure a longer lifespan and protect photovoltaic cells against micro-cracks. This construction carries a greater static and dynamic load and is virtually resistant to harmful effects of chemical agents, including ammonia and salt fog.


  • Up to 8% more energy from the module
  • Higher average daily production efficiency (even with low insolation)

  • High resistance to mechanical loads

  • Self-cleaning properties (easy to keep clean due to the diffused coating)

  • High chemical resistance (adapted to work in difficult conditions, e.g. areas with high humidity, salinity or high air pollution)

  • Longer power yield guarantee (at least 81% even after 30 years)
  • Non-flammable (double glazed panels are highly non-flammable)
  • High aesthetics of frameless PV installation


    Building Integrated Photovoltaics is a technology in which photovoltaic modules form an integral whole with the building and usually has more than just one function.

    BIPV solutions ensure the generation of electricity by the architectural elements of the building, integrated with its structure. BIPV modules are successfully used as facade elements, roofing, street furniture, etc.

  • Glass facades

  • Roof and terraces

  • Public outdoor shelter
  • Glass railings

  • Carports

  • Glass canopies and skylights