NANO-BARREN™ GLASS is the result of long-term research & development activity. The high vacuum sputtering technology used to produce this type of glass provides high-end nanolayers of the extraordinary features. NANO-BARREN™ GLASS serves as a protective and active shield from any strains of bacteria or fungi, and does not require for its activity UV irradiation. NANO-BARREN™ GLASS has biocidal properties that result from the chemical composition of the nanolayers. It protects both the surface and the user from infection. DAGLASS NANO-BARREN™ technology delivers high level of reproducibility and uniformity and offers full control of nanolayers thickness on sputtered surfaces. The composition of NANO-BARREN™ glass does not contain silver in any form, hence it is completely safe and neutral for the human body.

DAGLASS antiseptic glass has successfully obtained the HYGIENIC CERTIFICATE issued by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene.  Our product meets all the necessary requirements and standards, thus does not affect human health and the environment in any way.


  • Kills microorganisms with 99.999% efficiency

  • The NANO-BARREN ™ coating has biocidal properties

  • It does not require UV irradiation for activation

  • It has high catalytic properties, also after dark, which increase after exposure to sunlight

  • The NANO-BARREN ™ coating does not contain silver in any form  


    Extraordinary properties of antiseptic NANO-BARREN™ coating ensures the highest level of safety for all users. Therefore, we have conducted researches that clearly show the extended lifespan of grocery products, which often go sour quickly. The use of our

    glass translates into savings for shopping centers and HORECA sector. 

  • Medical rooms, surgery rooms

  • Medical offices

  • Pharmacies

  • Laboratories

  • Offices, secretaries offices

  • Conference rooms 

  • Reception areas, halls

  • Swimming pools and SPA

  • Grocery shops

  • Bathrooms

  • Shelves in freezers and medical refrigerators

  • Customer service points

  • Shopping stands

  • ATM, payment terminal

  • Means of public transport

  • Public use places