Reflexes under control


ANTI-REFLECTIVE GLASS is made according to a unique, patented technology. Due to a special chemical process (chemical etching) a morphology of glass itself is modified. The changes in morphology of the glass give unique properties to a glass as increased light transmission and reduced sparkling effect. 

Because of the fact, that anti-reflective treatment interferes in a glass structure the function of the glass remains constant, what results in a very high durability in comparison with standard coatings, wherein an additional layer is deposited on a glass surface. Anti-reflective treatment may be performed both on low-iron and float glass in a thickness range between 2 and 19 mm with maximum size of single glass sheet of 2250 by 3210 mm. Additional mechanical treatment by a preparation of ready product as tempering and edges grinding is possible.


  • Improves the image quality on screens and displays

  • Reduces reflections and makes the glass virtually invisible

  • Increases the light transmittance

  • Increases resistance to any mechanical and chemical treatment without the risk of damaging the AR coating

  • Can be thermally tempered and combined with other DAGLASS products


    Anti-Reflective Glass is produced with the use of advanced chemical technology. It is highly resistant to scratches and has exceptional properties – increases light transmission, and gives a clear image while reducing unwanted reflections. It may be subjected  to mechanical and thermal treatment.DAGLASS AR Glass can be combined with other DAGLASS products, including NON-GLARE Glass and Diffused Glass.

  • Window displays

  • Sales stands in shopping centers

  • Jewellery showcases

  • Museum displays

  • Railings

  • Windshields and dashboards

  • Optical filters

  • Screens

  • Lighting industry

  • Zoos and aquariums

  • PV panels

  • Sollar collectors

  • Greenhouse industry