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DAGLASS presents another project with ENERGLAS PV modules!

No matter how cold it is, we do not slow down and will soon launch another project in which our frameless photovoltaic panels have been used. This time - on the building's facade (FULL BLACK panels, using black lamination foil) and the roof installation. Integration of panels in two locations [...]
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Solar energy on a balcony – pilot project in Łódź!

Solar energy on a balcony - pilot project in Łódź! Can you imagine powering your home with clean and free energy obtained directly from your balcony? We present the project of ENERGLAS PV modules on balconies, which will revolutionize the way we use solar energy in our apartments! This time, [...]
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DAGLASS products – endless application possibilities.

➤ Knowledge, experience, and modern glass processing technologies give our specialized glass a wide range of applications. It provides an aesthetic and modern design, high comfort of use, additional functions and guarantees safety for its users. ➤ This time, DAGLASS laminated glass has been used as a canopy in a [...]
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Another project – another satisfied customer!

➤ Another accomplished project with DAGLASS thermally tempered & laminated glass that met all the necessary requirements and standards! ➤ This time, DAGLASS ESG, VSG glass has been used as a roofing. As DAGLASS glass panes have special properties, they guarantee a modern look, and above all safety and comfort.
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DAGLASS building glass!

If you are looking for solid and durable glass for your projects, then you’re in the right place. Simply check DAGLASS product portfolio to find the perfect product that meets your needs. Regardless of whether there are building facades, balustrades, roofing or other interior design elements, all needs will be [...]
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