DAGLASS – PV installation on the kindergarten roof

Have you ever thought about installing photovoltaic panels on your roof? Check the benefits of using DAGLASS panels in frameless technology.

This time, our glass-glass solar modules were used as a roof installation of a kindergarten in Wołomin. For this project, we delivered 22 frameless panels, each with a power of 390 Wp.

Advantages of DAGLASS modules:
➤ Longer lifespan – glass-glass panels installed using specialized clamps are more durable than traditional glass-foil panels.
➤ Greater power yield – the anti-reflective coating increases the efficiency of solar panels by up to 8%, thus absorbing more light.
➤ Higher fire resistance class – ensures greater safety of the entire installation.
➤ Original diffused layer – the self-cleaning properties of the coating increase the efficiency of the panels, which has a real impact on the efficiency of the entire installation.

Due to modern frameless technology, our panels look impressive and optimize energy efficiency, thus ensuring durability and efficiency at the highest level.

We are convinced that our innovative solutions will contribute to long-term savings and support sustainable development, meeting the highest standards of quality.