DAGLASS  – effective BIPVGlass shelters at railway stations

We proudly present another accomplished project. As part of this investment, we delivered nearly 300 m² of ESG VSG 44.3 glass, which was installed in the glass structures of shelters at railway stations. 

➤ DAGLASS tempered glass achieves 5-7 times higher mechanical strength, resistance to weather conditions and excellent transparency, which makes it an ideal material for public infrastructure.
➤ Moreover, tempered laminated glass, in case of damage, guarantees permanent retention of glass fragments in the laminate layer, minimizing the risk of injury.
➤ Additionally, black stripes on shelters are painted with ceramic paint to prevent people and birds from hitting them. Check how DAGLASS glass creates a new quality of public space!

Watch our video and get to know how innovation meets functionality.
DAGLASS – we create with passion!