Photovoltaic louvers – modern energy in practice

➤ We proudly present another project based on DAGLASS solar modules! This is a perfect example of a modernist BIPV function, in the form of photovoltaic louvers mounted on a steel and aluminum structure on a flat roof. These types of photovoltaic louver solutions do not only generate energy, but also create a harmonious and modern look – visible from the pitch and stands, they hide technical devices located on the roof.

➤ Photovoltaic louvers are oriented towards three directions – south, east and west, due to which energy from the installation will be produced evenly throughout the day. Moreover, the louvers have a matte surface with a self-cleaning diffussed layer, which actually increases the yield from the photovoltaic installation all over the year.

➤ This time, we delivered over 100 glass-glass photovoltaic panels with a total area of 62 m2, generating nearly 10kWp.

➤The design and its implementation are the “crème de la crème” of a BIPV installation and a model example of the wide range of possibilities of our photovoltaic panels.