Lublin Metropolitan Station – grand opening!

Today, we are proud to announce the grand opening of the Metropolitan Station in Lublin – one of the most ecological facilities of this type in Poland, created with sustainable development in mind!

DAGLASS is honored to be a part of this unique project, providing an impressive photovoltaic installation. This is more than standard panels – it is BIPV technology (building-integrated photovoltaics), and our installation is one of the biggest in Europe!

Almost 1800 glass-glass photovoltaic panels with an area of ​​ nearly 6500 m2, generating over 500 kWp, are an absolute gem of technology. Monocrystalline cells, arranged to allow sunlight to penetrate, were used in both skylight glazing and platform roofs.

Additionally, the innovative ICE-OFF system with a heating glass automatically eliminates layers of snow or ice at low temperatures. What’s more, in the evening, our LED-lit panels give you an unforgettable visual experience!

We are proud that we can co-create a greener future!