DAGLASS glass railings – durability and modern design!

With great pleasure, we present our latest project, where we delivered over 3000 m2 ESG VSG 44.2 enamel glass, which perfectly integrated into the railings of the multi-storey building in Apartamenty Zamkowe II at Kopisto Street in Rzeszow.

DAGLASS ESG VSG enamelled glass is not only a modern solution, but also a guarantee of durability and safety. Due to its unique construction, it provides:

➤ Durability – tempered glass meets European standards for safety glass, guarantees exceptional mechanical strength, making it the perfect choice for railings.

➤ Safety – laminated glass ensures maximum safety, in case of potential damage, it will keep it in one piece, which increases its functionality.

➤ Modern design – enamelled glass underlines the contemporary design of the building. Interestingly, our glass was painted with ceramic paint in two colours – white and gray, which additionally emphasized the unique character of this investment.

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