Month: September 2020

D.A.GLASS antiseptic glass in hair studio – Studio Fryzjerskie Karina Witkowska

D.A.GLASS has successfully accomplished another project. This time we have delivered antiseptic glass with NANO-BAREN coating for the professional hair studio – Studio Fryzjerskie Karina Witkowska.D.A.GLASS antiseptic glass has been installed between workstations, which guarantees the necessary isolation distance and protects against direct transmission of viruses.Now, all the clients and [...]
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D.A.GLASS antiseptic glass with the HYGIENIC CERTIFICATE

D.A.GLASS antiseptic glass has successfully obtained the HYGIENIC CERTIFICATE issued by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene. Our product meets all the necessary requirements and standards, thus does not affect human health and the environment in any way. D.A.GLASS antiseptic glass protects surfaces against bacteria, [...]
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