Diamond glass is a new product, manufactured by DAGLASS which is now available in the DAGLASS portfolio.

The glass is formed with the use of magnetron sputtering technique. This process involves the formation of high vacuum, followed by the effective ion bombardment of the target, then atmos are released and disposed on the glass as a a nanolayer / coating.

Due to this method the glass has higher resistance to scratching. In addition, the glass has an increased resistance to corrosion, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications. As the lifespan of this glass is longer, it significantly reduces the possibile replacements. Therefore, smooth surface is easy to clean, as reduced adhesiveness allows water to flow faster than on standard glass.


  • Higher resistance to scratches;

  • Easy to clean;

  • Higher resitance to corrosion;

  • Higher resistance to scaling and dirt.


  • Glass information boards;

  • Glass roofs;

  • Railings;

  • Glass smooth/ mat boards;

  • Shower cabins;

  • Bus shelters;

  • Glass partitions in industrial plants.