Szkło Antybakteryjne DAGLASS posiada Atest Higieniczny NIZP-PZ

Anti-fungal, self-cleaning and biostatic properties result from a special high „very high dencity” coating plasma deposited in high vacuum. The coating on the inner side of a window consists from nano-crystals of doped titanium oxide. Titanium oxide can be activated by UV-irradiation but our composition is active also when irradiated by visible light. Titanium is a safe element for humans (implants are manufactured using titanium or its alloys, our immune system does not recognize titanium).

Air circulation causes pathogens to contact with a window surface (with antiseptic coating on the glass) and effectively their removal. Every day the same air is pumped several times along the widnow A unique feature of the DAG1 glass has self-cleaning property even without UV irradiation.


  • Antiseptic glass of self-cleaning properties, does not require for its activity Uvirradiation,

  • Light enhances catalytic activity of the coating, but even when dark, pathogens are effectively killed,

  • PHOTOCATALYTIC PROPERTIES –strong biocidal properties (especially against bacteria and fungi) + self-cleaning properties due to organic molecules decomposition. Doper titanium oxide coating is deposited in high vacuum using plasma technology,

  • Hermetic’ windows reduce the amount of fresh air inside a building. Filtration systems in air conditioning are not very efficient and not sufficient for hospitals (very high and strict expectations regarding the quality of air),

  • Water condensate and flowing down on a surface of a window transports spores, bacteria and dirt towards jamb, which over time starts to be a source of fungi.

Examples of applications

Windows with DAG1 glass series for home, indor use to protect your health.

Windows with DAG2 glass series for public buildings (airports, train stations, offices).

Antiseptic DAG3 installations for hospitals. Special windows with DAG3 glass, wall panels, ceiling panels, furniture, equipment.

DAG4 glass dedicated to shop refrigerators.

DAG5 glass series for the transportation units (individual and public transport).

DAG7 glass series – antiseptic + non-glare for touch screens (ATMs, self-service machines, information boards).