DAGLASS offers laminated glass of the following characteristics:

  • Protection against injury – glass manufactured by DAGLASS is safe, thus it does not cause any injury or endanger health of its users.

  • Protection against falling out – proper assembly and design make the laminated glass stable.

  • Protection against vandalism and burglary – the glass increases the safety of property and people residing inside. The manner of mounting the glass discourages burglars.

  • Sound insulation – much bigger sound insulation partition – as compared to monolithic glass of the same thickness

Daglass offers a wide range of glass laminates, including the laminate of float, low-iron, non-tempered, tempered (ESG), thermically strenghtened (TVG).

Thickness from 2mm to 19mm

Laminates of:

  • Anti-scratch glass

  • Anti-septic glass

  • Diffused glass

  • Anti-scratch glass

  • Glass colour printed with screen printing method, ceramic printing as well as UV print technique

  • Chemically modified glass

  • In mass coloured glass